Our Stories .

People with adenoid cystic carcinoma from across the UK share their stories.  From initial diagnosis and treatment, to getting on with life afterwards, they explain more about what living with ACC means for them.

Ruth's story

Ruth on life with ACC, her treatment for lung metastases and how she likes to keep up with all the latest research.

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Wendy's story

Wendy on her radiotherapy treatment for ACC, living with necrosis, and why she finds the SGC UK meetings a support.

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Barry's story

Barry on having ACC in the trachea, how to navigate the NHS, and how he found being part of SGC UK transformative.

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Ian's story

Ian on being diagnosed with ACC, how he managed work and treatment and dealing with radiotherapy.

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Sarah's story

Sarah on her diagnosis of ACC in the trachea, her carbon ion treatment in Heidelberg and why supporting research is important to her.

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