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Last Call now closed: Establishment of UK National Guidance for the diagnosis and treatment of suspected Salivary Gland Cancers

Salivary Gland Cancer UK (SGC UK) is pleased to announce a call for applications, offering a grant of up to £25,000 for salivary cancer research in the UK, the aims of which are to: 

(1)   Support the establishment of national guidance (in the United Kingdom) for the diagnosis and treatment of suspected salivary cancers.
(2)   Foster research initiatives that inform and support primary care clinical decision making in the field of salivary cancers.

We believe that by providing guidance for early detection and appropriate treatment, we can significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden of this disease.  This unmet need has been clearly identified by our patient and clinician community and we are seeking applications that clearly align with SGC UK strategy About Us - Salivary Gland Cancer UK. 

We encourage researchers, clinicians and professionals from various disciplines to submit their proposals demonstrating innovative and evidence-based approaches to address the challenges associated with salivary gland cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate a clear path towards developing comprehensive national guidance, encompassing best practices and recommendations for primary care practitioners from other geographical locations and/or disease areas where appropriate.

Successful applicants will not only receive financial support but will also have the opportunity to engage with the national and international clinical and research network through Salivary Gland Cancer UK.

Applications should be 2-4 A4 pages and include the following sections:

  1. Project Summary: Provide a concise overview of the proposed project, including its objectives, relevance to salivary gland cancer diagnosis and treatment, and expected outcomes.
  2. Research Plan: Describe the research methodology, including study design, data collection methods, and analysis techniques. Clearly explain how the project will contribute to the establishment of national guidance.
  3. Impact and Significance: Outline the potential impact of the research on primary care clinical decision-making and patient outcomes. Highlight the relevance and importance of the proposed project in addressing the current gaps in salivary gland cancer care.
  4. Budget and Justification: Provide a detailed budget breakdown, specifying how the grant funds will be allocated. Justify the expenses and demonstrate cost-effectiveness in achieving the project's objectives.
  5. Timeline: Present a realistic timeline outlining the key milestones and deliverables of the project. This should include estimated durations for data collection, analysis, and dissemination of findings as appropriate.
  6. Team Expertise: Briefly introduce the project team members, emphasizing their qualifications, expertise, and previous experience related to salivary gland cancer research.


  • If you wish to make an informal enquiry prior to submission please contact [email protected].
  • Our first call was Monday August 14th 2023 to midnight on Monday 25th September 2023 and we have now opened a second round with applications welcome until 5pm on Monday December 4th 2023.
  • Applications should be sent by email to [email protected].
  • Successful applicants will be notified by Monday December 18th 2023.

Download a PDF of this call here.

Download the SGC UK grant making policy here