How do I manage a visual disturbance during a panic attack?

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Hi thank you, Elaine, that was really, really helpful, and it was just to make one small suggestion, something that's helped me is I'm giving permission to my family to tell me when they see the signs. There are particular things that I start to do as I'm entering into a bit of a sort of sticky situation. And I it's really helpful when my partner or my kids say, hang on, Mum. I think you going into that place a little bit now, just step back. And that has been really helpful because they're quite attuned to that now. And sometimes I'm not so attuned to it, interestingly. 

The question I had was I've had a lot of visual disturbances when I'm in a very difficult situation, like having a panic attack or something I literally can't see properly. And I don't know if that's related or not and I wondered what you thought of that.

It could be related to anxiety. I mean, obviously, you always have to get checked. And anything like that visual disturbance, get it checked medically. But yes, it could be. So, you know, we're all slightly different and the way we process things is slightly different. So, you know, it might be about thinking about whether breathing helps regulate it, or sometimes what people can do when they've got visual disturbances is they can shift what they're visualizing.  So, they can sort of allow and an image to take over the disturbance, which helps them bring down their anxiety, re-regulate, and then hopefully that bit of the physiology stabilizes and it kind of moves you on from that side effect.